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Taking Off Into the Wind

Taking Off Into the Wind


This book is written for the person who is a salesperson – the human being before the human doing. A salesperson is someone who has an impact on an experience, and an influence on the outcome of a conversation. This book is not filled with new techniques and updated procedures. There are plenty of those books on the shelves. This book is about creating the inspiration needed to apply the techniques – the beliefs we need to create to support the daily behavior that delivers the desired results we constantly seek. We need inspiration to turn our face to the wind and take on adversity – every day. Planes take off into the wind to achieve more lift. Trees become stronger with deeper roots because of the wind.

With inspiration, we can become stronger when adversity arises by applying what we know. Smart people don’t fail because they don’t know. They fail because they don’t apply themselves. They lack the commitment and determination needed to overcome adversity.

That is my goal with “Taking Off Into the Wind” – to inspire you to take on the adversities of life. The benefits of your commitment will strengthen you, and you will be able to be more for the others in your life. You will be the tree with deep roots that holds its ground when the wind blows. Are you ready to take off into the wind; to create lift out of life? Then start by making a commitment to yourself – a commitment no one can guarantee but you. Your choice, your commitment to make a difference in your life, is the greatest asset you will ever own. Thank you for letting me make an impact on your life and be an influence in the outcome – the future. I, too, am a salesperson.

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