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Get in the Door Podcast


Welcome!  This podcast is dedicated to creating ideas that inspire, encourage and empower you how to get in the door and what to do once you get there. 


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Getting in the Door

How can you get someone's attention?  What makes them curious?  Why would they be interested in what you have to say?

creating urgency

Doing nothing is your greatest competitor. How can you engage a prospect to be interested and curious? "What is the prospects experience in the absence of the value your solution provides."  The answer is the foundation of their motivation.

Bonding and Building Trust and rapport

Establishing Trust and Rapport is the foundation of honest answers.  Without it, prospects will only share what puts them in the best light.  You cannot solve a false problem with a true solution.

asking the questions at the right time

Most people love to buy - but hate to be sold.  Unless you know what they are talking about - you don't know what you are talking about.  People buy for their reasons not yours.  There is a process to move a prospect intellectually to an emotional state where decisions are made.  Emotional = to move emotionally.

setting expectations and reducing disappointment

Being assumptive and expecting everyone to have a problem, leads to rejection, superficial conversations and unproductive results. Eliminating disappointment starts with establishing expectations. 

measuring and managing time and results

You cannot manage what you did not measure.  What areas are the greatest contributors on your results? Manage the behavior and your results are guaranteed. 


The book you don’t read won’t help.
— Jim Rohn

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